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How To Insert (embed) Youtube Video In Blog Post

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Blogger gives more flexible for blogging peoples, The free and easy platform that allow us to write, attach image and videos, Since attaching YouTube videos in blogger post is one of the effective way to attract visitors and taking the content reach easier, Also integrating YouTube video is be a simple task

Let see how to insert a video on blogger post (step 1):

  • Blogger already have video inserting tool by default,
  • Select Insert a video from toolbar, Hit Choose a video to upload and upload your video,

  • Now upload your video on your bog post,
Step 2

  • If you have the video on YouTube or want to insert others YouTube video, Select from YouTube
  • Search the desired video from YouTube,
  • Finally select and insert the video from results.
Another Nice Method to Insert Video (YouTube):
  • Search your Needed video on,
  • Select your video, then press Embed code (below your video),
  • Copy the embed code from Youtube as your desired size and option,

  • Then paste the copied code on your blog post Edit HTML field , then replace with on Compose field,
  • Now the movie is Running like this..

If problem persists, coment below…