Tips Inside feeds you with lots of technical information. All about technology and recent advents in computers , hacks, tweaking tricks and blogging . Our main aim is to make you informed about the techniques of the internet to make you tweak the internet for your use. Explore Tips inside and have a hunt of techz of your interest. Happy exploration!

TipsInside History :

Here I share my blogging Experience as TipsInside, I was a curious explorer, and used to experiment in different things many times ending in mess. But one time collected those ideas and shared those in my blogs. That made my content popular and my blogs ranked up, that encouraged me to continue further. But when I came for Adsense, I was rejected twice. That lead me to SEO. The content, backlinks and everything. And one day my thought turned out why should we backlink blogs that are already at
he peak. That pursued me to buy a domain for me. Then the search for my domain name began and I finally landed on this And during these times, my friend Praveen Kumar suggested me to migrate to WordPress. And finally bought my domain and hosting in 13/06/2011. Later i doesn’t have any time to manage my blog and hostings, So once again i configured my domain to blogger, Now the site is in a good position and thanks for you for making this and we expect a continuous support from you.

About Balaji :

I am Balaji.
This blogging and tech exploration dragged me to B. Tech in Computer Science. Now working as IT admin. I am interested in tech stuffs, SEO, Website Designing, Gaming, Photography and Hacks.

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