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How to Add New Apps to Your Smart TV

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Smart televisions are becoming a popular item in households across the world. These internet savvy technologies allow individuals to connect their television to Apples long line of applications and other internet products. Because of the popularity of apps, it is likely that you will want to know and understand how to download them correctly to your television.

There are several companies offering great packages, such as direct tv channel list for choice package, that become even more enjoyable when you have the right apps on your Smart TV. So how do you get these? Lets find out!


1. Internet Accessibility

First, and foremost, when it comes to downloading applications to a Smart TV, you will want to make sure that you have access to the internet. This is the only way that you will be able to complete this process. Check your internet connection as well as the strength of this connection so as not to interrupt the download process.

2. Find Your Applications Bar

Once securely connected to the internet, you want to ensure that you are in the location in which your applications are stored. This is usually known as the application bar or even task bar, depending on your particular technological jargon. Make sure that the application bar is up and click on the Apple Store icon to initiate. This can vary in the method of launch. For instance, a Visio television uses a V button.

3. Log Into Your Apple Account

If you have not done so already be sure that you are logged into your apple account. Many times, the television already connects to this portion of your internet services automatically. Depending on the type of television and the security settings you have, however, it is important to ensure that you are logged into this portion of your Apple services.

4. Find Your Application

This is, arguably, the fun part of the journey to download an application. You can search and look for the one that will suit your needs. Whether you have one in mind or are window shopping, look around to find the best one for you. From mathematical applications to productivity to games and more, the store has numerous different selections to fit a variety of needs. There is even an opportunity to link to social media applications on your television as well. For example, YouTube users can download the application to their Smart TV so that the YouTube videos can be watched in a larger and more vivid screen size.

5. Download Your Selection

Once you know the application that you want, click on the associated download button. This should automatically download the information to your television. However, it may require that you enter your password, depending on your security settings, or provide payment for a fee based application. If this is the case than be sure to provide the correct information in order to delay download. Once complete, your selection should be on the applications bar.


The above directions are based upon general approach to download and serve as guidelines for download. Your particular device will determine the specific buttons and remotes that are used in the process as well as determine the wiring basics. A Vizio remote, as mentioned above, will have a different accessibility mechanism than a Toshiba.

Regardless of the television brand, downloading of applications is a process to understand and to have function well on your device, as delays or connectivity issues can cause other problems. For example, it can lead to a delay in entertainment, work productivity, and other associated technological issues.

We hope you will now find it easy to download and enjoy apps on your Smart TV. It is already multi billion dollars industry and is constantly growing. You should quickly jump the bandwagon as a Smart TV is not truly smart until it has apps that can help you enjoy all its benefits.