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Tweet and share your blog post automatically in two Methods

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Social traffic is one of the vital traffic source for blogs or website, every company and brands also concentrate on their SEM to make popular  among the social networks, Since every update has been need to publish or post in social network manually to reach your followers,

But how long you publish the status and tweets manually? so let we see a simple and free services to publish your post automatically to social networks,

since many third party services implements this task, here i mentioned some of the services.


Feedburner is popularly known because of its RSS Feed installation and management. You can add your twitter account to it’s sharing options.

1. Sign in Feedburner
2. Go to Publicize tab, and choose Socialize from left column,
3. Click Add Twitter account, and let the OAuth connect to your twitter account, “Allow” the access when asked on twitter page.
4. finally you redirected back to feedburner page, Save the settings.


TwitterFeed connects your blog’s RSS Feeds with your twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, also automatically tweets and share your updates from your Feeds. To set up an account on twitterfeed, do these steps:

1. Sign up at TwitterFeed
2. Select Create new feed in TwitterFeed.
3. On the next step, authenticate your Twitter account, Facebook account and LinkedIn, using oAuth,
4. After granting permission from all social networks, save your preferences and hit All done.

i hope this may helpful, if you have any problem or suggestion.. Coment below 😉