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How to Remove Windows 8 Pro build 9200 Watermark on Windows 8 Desktop

Hello Windows 8 Users, You are here means, You have an watermark on your right corner of windows 8 desktop, So let we see How to remove Windows 8 pro build 9200 watermark on windows 8 desktop .

Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8
pro with Media center Operating system allows us to activate its
product by 30 days, Until this days there is an information like
watermark that displays on our desktop, After Activation it
automatically went of, Even you still feel this as irritating, There is a
wonderful way to remove this notification


Now we see two ways to fix this issue,

Method 1 : Manual method to fix
Windows 8 pro build no watermark using registry
  • Open Registry with Administrator Privilege ( Use run command and type regedit ).
  • Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftwareProtectionPlatformActivation
  • Change the key: “NotificationDisabled” from 0 (default) to 1.
  • Hit exit and Restart your system, If you feel this takes more time means, just jump to Method 2 ( below )
Method 2 : Fix using a Watermark removal tool
  • Download My WCP Watermark Editor 1.0.1
  • Open the My_WCP_Watermark_Editor.exe
watermark remover tool for windows 8
  • Just check the tick in Remove all watermarks.
  • Finally hit Apply new settings, that’s all, Now you can proceed by restarting your windows,
  • Now you can see the clear desktop without a watermark,
Windows 8 pro build no watermark

To Download My WCP Watermark Editor,

Still having problem, Feel free and comment below 😉


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  1. hjhghf

    tried the 1st method doesnt work pls help

  2. Ricktator

    WARNING!!! Method one is disastrous. System enters into an infinite restart loop. Windows identifies that there is a change in registry and pops up a blue screen with REGISTRY_CHANGED error.

  3. mangal

    this tips couldn’t use, doesn’t work “GO TO PC SETTING” with water mark.

  4. prashanth

    IT WORKS COOL………….2
    thanks download WCP Watermark Editor method works perfectly ….before that i tried so much methods as show in youtube and pages all r useless…… and finally follow ur second method download and install it works good……..

  5. MzDallas

    Following Method 1 instructions, got in, found it already set to 1 . . . have had this stupid issue for months, apparently somebody else had posted this, so obviously it doesn’t work, they’re just copying this from each other.
    And no, if your method 1 doesn’t work, I am SO NOT using your happy little download. Don’t need any viruses or trojans, thank you ever so . . .

  6. Denis

    i tried the 1st method, it work

    thanks a lot!

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