How to Remove Windows 8 Pro build 9200 Watermark on Windows 8 Desktop

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6 Responses

  1. hjhghf says:

    tried the 1st method doesnt work pls help

  2. Ricktator says:

    WARNING!!! Method one is disastrous. System enters into an infinite restart loop. Windows identifies that there is a change in registry and pops up a blue screen with REGISTRY_CHANGED error.

  3. mangal says:

    this tips couldn’t use, doesn’t work “GO TO PC SETTING” with water mark.

  4. prashanth says:

    IT WORKS COOL………….2
    thanks download WCP Watermark Editor method works perfectly ….before that i tried so much methods as show in youtube and pages all r useless…… and finally follow ur second method download and install it works good……..

  5. MzDallas says:

    Following Method 1 instructions, got in, found it already set to 1 . . . have had this stupid issue for months, apparently somebody else had posted this, so obviously it doesn’t work, they’re just copying this from each other.
    And no, if your method 1 doesn’t work, I am SO NOT using your happy little download. Don’t need any viruses or trojans, thank you ever so . . .

  6. Denis says:

    i tried the 1st method, it work

    thanks a lot!