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How to transfer Images/Videos from iPhone to Windows PC

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Being an iPhone user inside the Apple ecosystem is a little bit difficult, even moving or copying the images from iPhone to Windows PC is cumbersome work, But still, there are a few workarounds for that. We, I’ll try to give explain them in different ways you can achieve those. You might think moving a few images will be easier, this will cover the workaround for bulk images and video from iPhone to Windows-based computers.

The actual problem comes from different OS and the cable technology they use, the USB C offers better speed in data transfer compared to Lightning cable, but this will leads to failure during the transfer itself. so I will list a few workarounds to get the images to a windows laptop or PC.

Normal Windows Explorer:

You can see the iPhone by simply connecting the USB Lightning connector with a windows PC, Let’s see the procedure here.

  1. Connect the iPhone to your Windows PC, 
  2. Unlock your iPhone and select “Trust” if that PC is your personal computer.
  3. Then Open your Windows Explorer (or This PC) to view the phone.

  4. Open the Phone storage and access the images, 
  5. you can copy the images to the local machine where you wish to store them.


  1. It’ll fail if you copy a large number of images
  2. the connection might disconnect if the cable is loose
  3. the transfer gets fails most of the time based on the lightning connector’s speed.


iCloud Method: (requires iCloud subscription)

If you have an iCloud subscription, then it is great news, most probably your photos might already sync with iCloud from your iPhone so that you can retrieve them easily.

Steps to retrieve the images from iCloud:

  1. Open and login in using your iCloud account.
  2. Navigate to the Photo section and select the images and videos you want.
  3. Now select the download option to retrieve those files to the local computer.

  4. Based on the image numbers, either the photos can be archived (zipped) or downloaded directly.


  1. it requires an iCloud subscription
  2. It requires an internet connection.
  3. time-consuming work, this is based on the Internet speed.


Using Windows Photos App:

You can use the windows photos app if you are using Windows 10 or above, the Photos app has an import function that will import the images to the local library, even Apple recommends this way if you are using windows computers.

  1. Go to Start and search Photos
  2. Select the import button, this will bring up the available device that is connected through a USB connection, make sure your iPhone is connected via cable.

  3. After selecting your iPhone, you can customize the library where it can be stored and the date range of photos taken,
  4. Based on the selection, the images can be imported to the Windows machine where the library is set to.


  1. Even though this method fail a few times,
  2. The app might crash a few times, but this can be fixed in future versions, make sure the app is updated via the Microsoft store.

Since I listed very few ways to copy the photos and videos from iPhone, there are still plenty of methods to do this, you can use any cloud sync app to bring the photos like Google Drive or dropbox, etc, also there are third-party apps do this works, but most of them are paid features, so I haven’t listed them here. 

I hope the above methods will help you to get your valuable photos to your windows computer, Thanks for spending time here, and please let me know in the comments if you have any other methods or problems.