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Top 5 Free Web Directories To Build Backlinks

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A web directory also called a link directory can be defined as a directory to list World Wide Web sites. It can also simply be called organized data collection according to categories. A web directory focuses in building links to other sites and then categorizing links.  This does not mean that a web director is a search engine, it does not keep a lists of web pages according to keywords but it keeps a list of web sites as per different categories and sub categories.  The categorization is not very specific according each web page but on overall web site. Web directories usually allow site owners for submission of their sites for inclusion in the list.  Editors review if the submissions are fit. Web directories serve important role is back linking.  So, there are web directories that will cost you to be included in, however if you search enough or just follow our link, you will find directories that are free of cost as well. Here are top 5 free web directories:

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 Top 5 free web directories:

  1. Amray web directory: It is free but offers some paid services as well. On-page SEO is high with 4,120 backlinks and domain is 10 years old. It has page rank as 4. It has been around for 10 years and also has been spam free. It is just right for quality backlink. Premium listing is paid but very reasonable. This is quite a well maintained and unique directory.
  2. Dmoz website directory: This is a completely free directory with high on-page SEO. It has been around for 12 years now and has a page ranking of 8. It is one of the most famous directories out there, even Google uses this directory for reference because of the human touch. The listing is of quality ad and gets you traffic ad more backlinks. The only reason this is not listed as number one is this ‘top 5 free web directorieshere is because it is very hard to get listed here. It has 832, 00 backlinks.
  3. Big Eyed Directory: This is a free directory and has high on-page SEO. Even though only 3 years old and does not have page ranking yet, this directory is with high potential its template is neat, attractive and unique. You have more chances of being accepted here than in other directories, and it is definitely going to be popular.
  4. Pegasus Directory: It has both paid and free services. With high on-page SEO and 118,000 backlinks this directory has a page ranking of 3. It has been around for 5 years and if your site is above average you have a chance of being accepted here.
  5. Little web directory:  It is completely free and has high o-page SEO. With 41,000 backlinks and 5 years of being around in the business, this directory has turned out to be quite a useful one.  This is a clean directory with no adverts, so if you are looking forward to submitting your site, go ahead.

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    Dmoz is the best wb directory and thanks for sharing top 5 free web directories.

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