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How to remove a website from Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an excellent tracking platform for your website which comes with free of cost as just like other Google products, you can tweak, analyze and generate all sort of report from it, for some reason if you want to remove your website from Google Analytics, it’s just little difficult but still possible.

I will add the step by step instruction to Delete your website from Google Analytics. It will not delete your site right away, initially, it will move your site to the trash, after 35 days it will be deleted permanently, so this means you can’t restore the website from trash, but before 35 days you can restore the site from trash.

Steps to follow.

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Select the respective account your wish to delete.
  • Now select the Admin, (a gear icon you can found in left bottom).

  • On Admin dashboard, click on “Trash can”, it will bring the “Account Settings”.

  • On Account Settings, click on “Move to Trash can”

  • Finally, you will get a confirmation box, Proceed and click on “Trash account”.

  • That’s it, the website will be moved to trash can.

By the way you can restore the website within 35 days of deletion, until then you can see the website in Google Analytics with strike line

Also you will get an acknowledgement to the registered email.

I hope this article will be helpful to cleanup your analytics account. feel free to share your feedback on the comments below.