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How to add floating Feedback button in Blog or website

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You want to your hear the feedback from your website/blog visitors? Probably yes, Because this feedback help’s you to find the visitors needs, Query, Suggestion and what they are really looking for in your website. So allow them to give feedback within a click by using the feedback button. We can also link the direct email address in feedback button. But this not a good idea, Better we can give a hyperlink to the contact page so this can save you from unnecessary spam botsĀ  – Refer How to add contact form in Blogger

Create floating feedback button for blogger

BTW feedback button allow users to raise their feedback or complaint to your site easily, why because none of them dont have time to navigate to your contact page and write the feedback, so make your visitors to find the lazy way to feedback using this feedback button,


Steps for inserting floating feedback button on your Blogger blog.
  • Open, Now log-in to your blogger account,
  • Select the layout –> Add gadget.
  • Add HTML/JavaScript gadget. (Position of the widget is NOT important , it may be anywhere)
  • Paste the following code

<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed; center:5px; right:5px;” href=”[email protected]
title=”Feedback Please”><img src=””/></a>

  • Replace the blue color text with your link “Contact page” link or mail address (eg mailto:[email protected] )
  • Also replace the brown text using your own image URL,
  • Now save the widget,

That’s all. now Reload your blog and see a cool floating tool,

also try these buttons too given below.

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