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How to Increase Your VPS Security

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Server security is important these days, especially when more and more harmful programs and malware are being created. But does a cheaper server means less secure? Buying a cheap VPS server that doesn’t even reach 3 dollars per month doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a server with poor security measures. There are actually some things that you could do to increase your VPS server security.

The first thing that you could do is to disable all unnecessary scripts that are being used. For example, such as passthru or proc_terminate. They will mostly be on many of the systems that are usually not shared by other scripts you require running. However, while you keep disabling them, make sure you know for that are they being used.


Also you couldsecure your VPS by installing some security programs. RootKit Hunter or CHKRootKit would work just fine in this case. It will actually scan the tools used in your server, to ensure that you are out of the nasty ones. Another suggestion would be to install APF firewall and to configure it in Anti-DDoS to select the specific traffic, it will also help you to limit unauthorized access and will secure your VPS from service denial attacks.
Configuration Files

Another suggestion would be securing the configuration file (.conf) systems like host, sysctl and nsswitch. All of them will protect you from spoofs, lookup poisoning of the name servers and syn-flood attacks. If you will configure it properly you will enhance your VPS security to a great extent fromdifferent network abuse.
System Resources Tools

Furthermore, consider stopping the system resource intensive tools. One of them could be ClamAV or MRTH. It actually depends on the user, because tracking the usage of bandwidth data could be very important for your business. So stop them only in case you see that it will not harm any of your practices.
All in all, performing all of these steps will increase the security of your cheap VPS server. As you see, there is no necessity to spend a fortune on your server as buying a cheap one can still be secure enough. In the end – nothing will secure you more than your own knowledge and practices.