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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1: Best Android Tablet

year, Samsung announced to the world a new line of tablets that began the S
family in bigger size. This tablet is powered with pretty good features and it
would definitely convince you.
design of the Galaxy Tab S 10.1 is similar if we have seen any other Samsung
tablet. Yes it follows the classic line of Samsung. Note that it is more
compact than its competitors of 10 inches tablets. It is completely
manufactured in plastic and has horizontal orientation, but works perfectly
S 10.1 has two Speakers, right and left of the tablet also vertically these
change the audio output, also offering a good sound. Your home button is
located in the center of the bottom frame. At the top you can find their slots
for SIM cards and micro SD, in addition to the on / off and volume control.
the back is plastic a little rough, as if to imitate the fake leather in the Note
3. The best are its dimensions, especially its thickness, which is quite small,
less than 8 grams, though not to the levels of other tablets on the market. Wraps
around the tablet a silver frame that gives it a more elegant look. Actually it
is a tablet that feels solid, but as it a bit heavy.
screen is bigger, but the resolution has not improved over 2013 models actually
experience is not bad, but of course, is not the sharpest display. 10 inches
are what make the experience of watching movies or playing games pass to
another level. In general, the colors are bright and vivid, like most of the Samsung

the software side of Tab S 10.1, is Android 4.4.2 and have the latest version
of the TouchWiz interface Samsung, if you remember the Galaxy S5 had changed
the icons in the settings menu and the distribution thereof. Like the Galaxy
S5, icons adjustments are flat, although we have fewer options in the main
menu.  What happens is that unlike the
smartphone, the tablet has far fewer special functions, so the menu is quite
of the features offer high end are not present in this Tab S 10.1, but most of
the features of Samsung TouchWiz are like other necessities. We quote here the
multi-window, smart stay and a couple of checks gestures that have not always
worked for me.
we compare this 10.1 Galaxy S tablet with the Galaxy Tab 4 tablet then you
would find tab 4 ass a midrange tablet specifications chords to it. For
starters, its quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz, and only 1.5 GB of RAM. The storage
is 16 MP, and obviously can be extended by micro SD slot.

on other hand Galaxy Tab S 10.1 works really smooth, and this year we would see
the mid-version Galaxy Tab 5 10.1
tablet, which might be released very soon.