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Sony Xperia Z3: Pros & Cons

interesting beast from Sony the Xperia Z3 is interesting Android phone and it
is engineered after taking every small thing in the account. But still the
device suffers from few cons and pros. Let’s discover them.
  • Design:
    The Sony has always been praised for its beautiful designed smartphone and
    despite the fact that the glass body Z3 is like a dozen of these models. But
    the design is proven and it favors the device.
  • Protection
    against water: At first glance, not very important parameter, but when
    smartphone with protection against water is present, and then transition to
    normal, you begin to appreciate this feature. With Sony Z3 you can fell under
    the rain, drop it in the snow, wash it to free with mud, show cartoons to child
    while bathing in the bathroom, and the smartphone remained fully operational.

  • Performance:
    In the Z3 used not the newest, but the performance Snapdragon processor 801
    with 4 cores at 2.5 GHz, adds to Adreno 330 graphics and 3 GB of RAM. 16 GB of
    internal memory, or rather 11.5 GB, but it can be expanded at the expense of
    cards microSD. All this guarantees a high level of performance smartphone, and
    3 GB of RAM encouraging that their Android will never be enough.
  • Interface:
    In the Z3, at this point, use an operating system Android 4.4.4, which the
    manufacturer promises to upgrade to version 5. Interface that uses Sony, as a
    whole is not much different from the standard Android, it is not overloaded
    with elements and well perceived by eye. Perhaps this is one of the best skins
    for Android.
  • Battery:
    The battery has a capacity of 3100 mAh, and Xperia Z3 which is a smartphone
    with a 7.3 mm thick body is an excellent indicator. In our mode of using a
    standalone device reached 1.5 to 2 days, or about 3 hours screen.

  • Slippery
    and scratches on the case: Sides of Z3 made ​​of metal coated with a layer of
    paint. As planned by the developers, most likely they were to be coated with a
    rough, but it did not work. You have to use a cover to protect this beautiful
    piece of technology.
  • Heating:
    We have already said that the Z3 has a good performance with a reserve, so
    that’s the other side of this is to heat the body. Snapdragon 801 is still
    quite “hot” solution. Hand with a smartphone will not burn, but if
    you run it on a demanding schedules to play, then immediately feel how hot is
    the processor. For a device in this price range this level of heating can’t be
    considered acceptable. To solve this problem Sony, likely would software
    update, but for now it is not and it is not known whether.

still the number of pros in Xperia Z3 is more to the cons, and with the new
update it would definitely be recovered. Moreover, this year Sony will bring
more flagships in form of Xperia Z4 and Sony Xperia