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Android App Developer: Considering it as a great career option

There are many candidates, who look forward to becoming an Android App Developer. They are more eager to know as to why Android development can be a better career choice to make. To understand this, it is necessary for the candidate to browse through the different online sites and blogs that do provide information advanced android programming course online along with the course details.

According to recent job surveys, it has been noticed that there is a rise of about 40% in job openings exclusively for this profile, which is in itself quite a lucrative option. To cater to the growing demand for android developers, plenty of institutions have been coming up in every nook and corner of the country and providing education both offline and online, thereby giving the candidates plenty of choice to select from.

Why Android development?
Android is regarded to be the most utilized operating system in smartphones and tablets these days. It is this rise in the usability and increased selling volumes of the Android based cell devices that have made the demand for qualified and experienced android app developers to go up. A major reason cited for this is the amazing apps, features, and games, which are available to users on the android platform. Hence, if the individual loves all the games, apps on the phone and wonder as to how it functions, then it could be the perfect career option to choose.

Statistics that can help the individual to make the right decision
It was during the period 2005 and 2006 that Android was born. Google had brought it into existence by the year 2007, and since then, there was simply no turning back for this program and it has been growing at an incredible pace. These days, almost every other phone has been running on this platform. Almost six out of ten mobile devices have been found to be based on android devices. At this point of time, it is Android that holds over 49% of the entire market share that it shows its popularity and having about 180 million smartphones existing in the market.

Key areas of Android Development that the individual can learn
• GUI Designing
• Implementation
• Application Programming
• Android Mobile app project manager
• Mobile game developer

What is to be known before starting?
• Java Program language: Development of Android lives and is said to die without Java. If the individual has knowledge of some coding basics, then it is definitely not tough program language.

• XML: It is utilized for declaring UI elements especially in Android based apps. Moreover, it is used widely with the other programming languages. By knowing XML, the job can made much easier.

• Development Environment: App development tools play an important role here. One such tool is the Eclipse that is used widely by developers and recommended by development organizations. Also, there is a need establishing Android SDK before coding is started. Also, it becomes easy to find single package with great ease, which includes all the things required for android development.

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