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The Benefits of Choosing a VoIP Phone Service

A lot of people are strongly considering dropping their phone service and going with a VoIP Phone Service provider. Is it just a fad or is there a definite advantage to choosing VoIP phones? More importantly, is there any drawbacks to choosing VoIP technology instead of the traditional landline? Consider some of the benefits.

1. VoIP is More Affordable

Landline phones are more expensive and mostly because their technology is dated, involves heavier equipment, and costs more to produce. VoIP phones work do not use publicly switched telephone networks. Tech companies utilize the Internet or private data network lines to transmit human voice to digital content, making it easier to send online—and with no need of lines, heavy maintenance or even manpower. After paying for installation, you only pay for the operation of one network and not in support of a legacy telephony system.

2. More and Better Integration with the Modern World

The world is changing and the fact is that your time may be better divided between telephone calls, instant messaging, email, fax service, and even video chat. Now, it’s more a matter of practicality than adhering to a rigid idea of having a “traditional landline.” What matters is consistency and for the most part VoIP services, even when spread out among rich media, can give you the same consistency if not perfect performance.

3. Portable Phones

A traditional line is usually at a fixed location, and even if you do use a cell business line, it Is a bit of a hassle to call the phone company and change your number. VoIP phones give you complete mobility, since it’s virtual connectivity, and you can use that number anywhere. Business executives today often bring VoIP phones when they travel since they can easily use one phone number and even multiple phone/media types, at any location.

4. Simple Technology

There’s not actually much involved with a VoIP phone installation. Technical knowledge is very limited, since there is no need for separate cabling or even heavy wires, as most phones are completely wireless. You are using software instead of hardware, which means it’s easy to change or maintain your system. You’re connection is with any hot spot that offers WI-FI, and that really streamlines your entire overheard, ideal for a small business.

5. Extra Perks

The extra perks are definitely worth writing home about since you get niceties like:
Voicemail to email transcription
Find me or follow me call routing
Door phone entry buzzer integration
More flexible conferencing
And more
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6. VoIP Phones offer greater international connectivity.

Globalization is not just a trend but the next phase of business. With landlines you pay top dollar for long distance, but with VoiP phones you get a much needed break on price, not to mention additional media options that allow you to keep your international communications budget within reason. Using a landline phone, you’re spending too much for long distance, have no special features for reaching out through other venues, and are actually losing money just to speak with an international client.

Simply put, VoIP is built for the new age of online sharing and convenient services, whereas landline phones, while offering a little bit more stability in connection quality, are really going out of date, being overly expensive and inflexible where it counts.