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Is Your Java Control Panel Playing Hide and Seek on Windows 8?

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Everybody seems to keep harping on the term, Java nowadays. However, you are rather clueless about what they are actually referring to, and what it does. Well, Java refers to a specific computing platform and programming language. It was initiated in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Since it is highly secure, quick in its functioning and trustworthy, Java has sustained until today. Naturally, many websites and applications prefer to remain in alignment with Java.

•    The Java software is free to download from the official website of the company. In fact, you should keep updating it regularly.

•    Every new version has improved features, which enable the Java applications on your desktop or laptop to function better, exhibit stability of performance and keep your browsing experiments safe and secure.

•    Java is not compatible with the Windows Surface tablet, as its plug-in remains unsupported. If this tablet takes recourse to operating systems like Windows RT or Windows RT 8.1, it will become compatible with the applications found in the Windows Store.

According to reliable experts from computer technical support service, you may follow any of these two methods to access the Java Control Panel.

Method I:

•    First, ensure that your mouse points towards the right-hand corner at the bottom of your Windows 8 screen.

•    A single click of the mouse pointer will reveal the “search charm.”

•    As you begin typing “control panel,” a number of suggestions will show up. Select control panel.

•    The control panel has its own search icon; type Java Control Panel into this box. When a suggestion like Java Control Panel shows up, select it.

•    Check if your Java software is enabled or disabled.

Method II:

•    The “search charm” may be opened by tapping Windows logo key + W.

•    When this box shows up, key in Java Control Panel.

•    Now, click on the Java Control Panel icon, for checking if this software is enabled or disabled.

As per the opinion of MICROSOFTWARE team support, if you wish to enjoy your Internet experience without any hitches and glitches, you must ensure that Java is installed on your computer.