Friday, July 3, 2015

Newly Opened Heritage Transport Museum in Haryana

India is not new to foreign cars. When the British ruled over the country, there was a regular influx of foreign cars. Nevertheless, these cars were always owned by the elite and they were much out of the reach of the middle class. Some of the most popular cars that adorned the Indian roads were the Morris cars, Dodge, Rolls Royce etc. When you visit the palaces of Rajas and Maharajas of Rajasthan and other places, you can take a look at their car collection which has been laid out on display for visitors. Such is the craze for vintage cars and heritage cars in India that several cities hold an annual vintage car show and rally even.
If you are a resident of Delhi and an avid lover of cars, you can take a detour and head into Haryana instead of Rajasthan for seeing vintage cars on display. Taoru was a quaint town in Haryana was not on the tour itinerary of any tourist till last December, when TarunThakral opened up a Heritage Transport Museum here. Based in Delhi, Thakral’s venture is the first one of its kind that is not owned by the royalty. The cars on display are from his collection, which he began in 1994. Thakral started the Heritage Transport Museum not only to showcase his collection but also how transport evolved in India.
The Heritage Transport Museum is unique in its own way because it not only showcases cars that are intact but also shows the evolution of car parts. You can see handlebars of motorcycles being converted into door handles and headlights the size of automotive bulbs. You can also spot a reception desk made out of the Morris Minor! Inside the museum, you would spot every kind of transportation vehicle that you have seen on Indian roads, from bikes to classic cars, buses, scooters, horse drawn carriages to bullock carts and palanquins even. A railway coach from a Jodhpur Saloon of the year 1930 has been reconstructed and made to sit on its own platform that has also been decorated like a platform of the bygone era. What’s more is that there is a Piper J3C 1940 cub airplane that has been hung from the roof.
There are several sections in the museum such as railway, non-mechanised and aviation segments but what is most exciting is the vintage car section. The cars are not displayed like they are in regular vintage car displays. Instead a particular time period is created and numerous vehicles that belong to it are displayed in a cluster. For example, the period of 1965 is recreated and on the street is parked a Fiat 1100, Standard Herald and the first edition of the Volkswagen Beetle. The Landmaster 1954 and the Hindustan Twelve 1948 have also been clubbed together on display. The Ambassador looks a lot special here as it was special back then because it was not used by government officials solely or taxi cabs.
However, what is most impressive in this line up of vintage cars is the American manufactures whose collection is the best here. The oldest vehicle in the museum is the 1932 Chevrolet Phaeton. Like the other vehicles in the museum, this too is in perfect running order. There is also a Plymouth Belvedere 1959 on display which has got find large enough to give a regular white shark a run for its money. However, most motor enthusiasts would find the Chevrolet Impala 1960 the most attractive. The car is comparable to the Audi Q7 of today’s times and was a pop pick for film stars. The car looks glamorous and massive and fits the bill of what an American vehicle should look like.
Among the Oldsmobiles, Dodges and Chevrolets, there is a Ford waiting patiently for your attention. The Ford FairlineSkyliner 500 is on display where with its retractable hood paused midway at the time of operation. It can amaze quite a few visitors to think that retractable hard roof top cars were available in 1957. However, the retractable hood is not quite space saving as you see it on the BMW Z4 of today’s times because of the simpler mechanics. The rood was actually divided into two and folded into the body of the car.
The Heritage Transport Museum has a policy called “Adopt a Car” where you can contribute to the fixing of a vintage car displayed at the museum. It is a good endeavour on the part of the museum to get people involved in their ventures. As a part of the restoration programme a decrepit Buick Limousine from the 1935 series has been placed here and you can contribute to fixing it. The museum also has its share of garrulous vehicles such as the Sunrise Badal which has a body made of fibre glass with four doors and three wheels, made back in 1935.
The museum is highly alluring to those in love with automobiles. There are many vehicular memorabilia and automobile art strewn about here. It’s not only about car models but also advertisements of cars back in 1930s, decanters in the shape of car grilles and also a complete simulation of an olden day petrol pump has been placed on display. A particular section has been dedicated to toy cars and also models of car systems that work still. The museum, in its attempt to make the exhibit more enriching, it is open to including transportation history supplied by visitors and contributors. The look of the Heritage Transport Museum is slated to be changed every few months so that more exhibits can be included.
To reach the Heritage Car Museum in Taoru in Haryana, you have to drive 60 kilometres away from Delhi. Start off on the National Highway 8 and take a left turn to the Major District Road number 132 which is at the BilaspurChowk. By going 7 kilometres further, you can reach the museum. It is bound to be worth your time and effort and money. The entry fee for adults is Rs 300 whereas for children below the age of 12 years, it is Rs 150 only.
If you have a vintage used car in Delhi, you can contact the museum to put it on display.
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 for Free

After the introduction of Bypass iCloud Lock this feature has had great success. The initial goal was to decrease the number if stolen iOS devices or prevent unauthorized use. With the iCloud lock feature the owner of the device cannot use it if he does not have the proper login credentials. And for a long time if by any chance you have lost them it was impossible again to use the iPhone. Still the technology has advanced in these past 2 years and now it is much more simple and easier to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Bypass iCloud Lock Service

One of the methods thru which you can do Bypass iCloud Lock on your iPhone is to use appropriate software tools. There is one very popular hack tool which is widely recognized by many iOS hackers. With this hack tool you can easily disable the iCloud Activation lock by using some of the security leaks found in some versions of the Glass windows iTunes.  This hack tool is so efficient that in most cases it can be related to the confirmation of the protection certificates according to which the users are required to make a change to some files on the computer after they have connected their devices.

If you are having troubles with the activation selection of the iOS on your device you can always utilize the Remove iCloud Lock tool. If you are questioning yourself onto why you should use this tool the explanation is simple. Because in case you cannot access your device due to lost/forgot ID/password with the usage of these tools you can easily gain control of your device again. The only disadvantage of this tool is that in case you forgot your ID/Password it is most likely that you will lose all the data which was previously stored on the iCloud account.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Anyway, currently nothing can compare with the Bypass iCloud lock tool. It is so efficient that the majorities of the users who tend to have iCloud lock problems avoid going into Apple store and try to solve the problem by themselves because it is extremely easy to do it.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to choose between the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S6?

According to sales data, Samsung suffered a huge defeat for its flagship phone last year, the Galaxy S5. Not only did the phone fail to satisfy its customers, it was also lambasted by the critics for not being innovative. It simply did not justify its huge price tag. So to bounce back from this defeat, Samsung just went back to its drawing board. It identified all the problems that lay with the S5 and rectified them all. It went all in when it released its new flagship phone for the year 2015 the Samsung Galaxy S6. Similarly Apple, which has a reputation to not follow market trends while coming up with a completely new market for itself, has chased the popular market this time with its flagship phone the iPhone 6 Plus. According to critics, it deviated from Apple's previous line of restrained products to introduce some features just to compete with its other competitors in the high budget phones range. So as many say, the iPhone 6 Plus has been one of the most un-Apple-like products. In short, the iPhone 6 Plus design has been defined by its fiercest competitors in the phablet market.


Again with both phones, it was clearly observed that the manufacturers had radically revamped their thinking about their flagship phones which have brought about a change in the design philosophies. Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus has finally entered the market with a phone that has a larger screen. This completely defies its philosophy that phones should be small enough to be easily operated by one hand only. Samsung's changes are far more evident. The company was usually inclined towards using plastic for its high-end phones. This often led to absolutely bogus designs which failed to meet customer expectations and were often described as not being worthy of their price tags. Samsung has changed all this by introducing an all aluminium rim for the first time in its product line. Apart from this, the home button has been enlarged to accommodate the fingerprint reader. Designers have also successfully reduced the screen bezel down the side of the phone. Also, the phone looks more attractive due the rounding off of the bottom and top edges. 

Samsung has also replaced plastic with Gorilla Glass for the back cover. This means that the battery will be irreplaceable, but customers still love the S6 due to the wireless charging feature. A big glaring hole in the design is the big protruding rear camera which looks like a giant mole on the elegant body of the phone. Even though it doesn’t cause any problem with the phone's functionality, it does somehow diminish the aesthetic value. But the Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is much nicer to grip mainly because it curved aluminium uni-body design. But this advantage doesn't help it against the Galaxy S6 which towers over the iPhone 6 Plus with its design.


When comparing screen sizes, the first and foremost criterion is the screen size. The S6 has a 5.1-inch screen which is significantly bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus 4.7-inch screen which means that users get more room to enjoy their videos, games and other needs. The second criterion for judgment is screen resolution. The S6's resolution upgrade has given it a much sharper display than the iPhone 6 Plus. So the S6 is a winner only for a user who wants to own the latest technology in the market. All in all, the sharpness display is pretty much same on both phones if not looked closely enough. 

Now we compare the differences in the display technologies. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus used an LCD screen while the S6 has an OLED display. Hence, this enables the S6 to have a much better contrast ratio when compared to the iPhone 6 plus. Also, it presents almost perfect black levels. The iPhone 6 tries to beat this by providing the user with stronger viewing angles and higher colour accuracy. So, even if the iPhone 6 Plus has a great screen, it is just not up to the mark with the S6's new 2K display.


Apple has put in an A8 CPU, which is a dual-core 64-bit chip with a quick GPU. The A8 CPU is backed by only 1 GB of RAM. Samsung had again broken convention when it decided to opt for its own custom produced Exynos processor over the Qualcomm's Snapdragon. The Galaxy S6 uses a 64 bit Exynos 7420 chip which has an octa core set up. The processor chip is backed by 3 GB of RAM which is three times of what the iPhone 6 Plus provides. Samsung has introduced a DDR4 RAM in the S6 making it the first smartphone to use the new DDR4 technology. The iPhone 6 Plus still uses the DDR3 version. Now considering the fact that the DDR4 is almost over 80% faster than its previous version, the S6 can be deemed to be a much faster phone than the iPhone 6 Plus. But again this does not affect day to day use as both phones are fast and they very easily match up to the user's needs. So when the phones are judged on performance, it is a tie.


The S6 uses a slightly tweaked version of the S5's camera which ruled over all the other competing smartphone camera setups last year. So like the S5, the S6 also has the ability to quickly capture images that are not only sharp but are also vibrant. Some features like the unique HDR and optical image stabilization ensure that the S6 stands out in camera performance under low light conditions. But this also fails to completely remove the noise in these low light images. Samsung uses a 16-megapixel rear camera which on paper clearly triumphs over the iPhone 6 Plus 8-megapixel one. But again the iPhone uses its camera to the best of its ability by using a great set up that allows the user to click photos that can be compared to the photos clicked with the S6. 

The iPhone loses when it comes to low light images. The absence of the features present in the S6 does severely affect low light performance. Again the S6’s front camera triumphs over the iPhone. So the S6 wins this round.

So, the conclusion is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is currently the most technology advanced phone on the planet. On paper, it triumphs over the iPhone 6 Plus in many areas, but in reality, there is not much difference between them. But still the Galaxy S6 is the phone to buy now mainly due to its new features.

Author's Bio
The author is a smart mobile device critic for a popular gadget website and also runs his own blog.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Are More Satellite Viewers Than Cable Defecting to Streaming?

There has been a great deal of talk about growing numbers of ' cord cutters' ditching their television services in favor of internet streaming, but statistics show that most are satellite viewers rather than cable. In this article I will discuss why that is the case.

 First, let’s see some differences between cable and satellite TV. Cable TV has been around since 1948 whereas satellite TV has only been around since 1978. This has given most people 30 more years to fall in love with their cable TV vs their satellite TV. Once you have something for a long period of time, you tend to hold on to it dearly. Could this be one reason that cable users stay with cable longer than satellite? It is a possibility that we will view later on in this article.

Physical Differences Between Satellite & Cable
  • Satellite TV uses 3 satellites, one in space that uses a geostationary orbit, one at the user’s home, and one at the business location. You can get a lot more information on satellite and different packages at . The signal goes from the business location to the satellite in space which in turns sends a digital signal back to earth (to the satellite) at the user’s home. User dish is usually compact (about the size of a meter wide beach ball) to receive this signal from the satellite in space.
  • Cable TV comes to us through coaxial or fiber optic cables that transmit radio frequency (RF) to our TVs. They usually run on the same poles as telephone lines or can be run underground for cosmetic purposes. 

Price Points Satellite vs. Cable

  • Satellite TV average cost $29.99 with around 126 channels 
  • Cable TV average cost $39.99 with around 52 channels 

Yes, this is for the very basic services that is for sure and a proper comparison will help understand this better. As you can tell here, it is not the price that is causing satellite viewer to stream, is it? You would think number one reason would be the price, but here we show you an average of monthly costs of satellite is significantly lower than cable.

Services Between Satellite vs Cable 

The big thing with satellite that you hear is when it is overcast or rainy, satellite is sporadic whereas cable TV is more consistent and weather plays no real role in the consistency of cable TV. Here too depends really on where you live, the company that you use, etc. As for customer service this too depends on your provider.

In Conclusion

Therefore what else could we look at in order to conclude this dilemma of more satellite viewers defecting to streaming? How about by generation? Forbes talks about how younger people are not signing up for cable these days. Oh yes, that pesky generation gap. Could it be that Baby Boomers prefer watching TV via cable rather than satellite? Baby Boomers generally like less complicated things in their lives. Why can a 3 year old (Generation Z) automatically use a smartphone while Baby Boomers are completely lost? Complexity is not their forte. Generation Y & Z prefers smartphones, tablets, satellite and since they do prefer satellite they would in turn more likely use streaming than the Baby Boomers.

Generation Y & Z have little time for TV and since they have little time for TV, they do not have the time to wait for a specific TV program time in order to watch something of interest. Consequently they prefer to go to sites like Netflix and stream at their own convenience, and put satellite and cable on the back burners of life. Overall, both these services have their own advantages and loyal customers and it will not be fair to highlight any one service. This is more of a case of individual taste.
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

AT&T Network iPhone 6 Unlock with IMEI Code

With the AT&T iPhone 6 unlock package you can easily for the lowest price officially and safely Unlock iPhone 6 now. With this package you can Unlock iPhone 6 with clean IMEI code. If your device has IMEI which is blocked/barred/blacklisted or is reported as stolen or lost it will not be possible to unlock it with this offer.

For Blacklisted/Barred/Blocked iPhone devices you can order the AT&T iPhone 6 Premium Unlock IMEI which is 100% certain that will successfully unlock your blocked iPhone device. With this service you can unlock the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ as well as older models which are locked to the AT&T US mobile carrier.

Moreover, it is important to know that the AT&T iPhone devices with Clean OUT of Contract IMEI number it is very difficult to unlock and they are with rate of success of only 50-60 %.

The Factory unlock of iPhone 6 is a legitimate and official manner to Unlock iPhone 6 and make it SIM free and this service is offered by a certified company in the USA. You can use this service around the globe if you are a user who has device which is locked to AT&T network.

Instruction of iPhone 6 AT&T Unlock Out of Contract device

Click on Unlock now button
Provide the IMEI code and the email address where you wish to get notifications 
Select the iPhone model
Select the AT&T carrier ( make sure that your device is activated to this particular network)
Wait until we send you confirmation mail that your device is unlocked
Get the latest iTunes version
Launch iTunes- DO update and Restore

If you follow the step pattern as provided above you will have no problems at all with the unlock of your iPhone 6 AT&T.
So if you wish to quickly factory unlock your iPhone 6, the IMEI unlock is the service which you need.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Ultra HD

Are you always looking for the next best thing in all of your electronic devices? When the world moved to flat screen televisions, were you the first one at the store to pick one up? Did the idea of high definition televisions intrigue you causing you to run out to the store once again to pick up a new HD TV? If you are one to keep up with the newest technological advancements then you want to have a read before you head out the door to check out the new 4K, or Ultra HD televisions taking the market by storm.

It is all about the Pixels 

Why are Ultra HD TVs such a big deal? To understand that you need only understand one thing, it is all about the pixels. There was a time when we never cared about pixels but with the advancement in TVs and the move from the old CRT TVs to flat screen and HD television we became more aware of pixels. In the world of televisions, Ultra HD, or 4K TVs are all about pixel count. These new televisions have more pixels than the current 1080p displays. Exactly how many pixels are we talking about? - an estimated 8 million pixels.

Who Cares about Extra Pixels? 

People that care about the quality and detail of the movies or television shows that they watch should care about pixel count. With such an increase in pixel count, the viewer will see a much sharper picture. Viewing a sharper picture will make for a more captivating and pleasurable experience. Of course, it is important to note that with so many changes already made in televisions, if you are among the group of people with high quality TV packages you may not see a tremendous difference at first. You will notice the difference when watching new 4K content on your television from the correct distance.

Distance Matters? 

This may not make sense to most people. When it comes to watching shows on an Ultra HD TV, it is important to sit at just the right distance from the screen to get the full effect. The closer you are to your television screen the more immersed you are in the images on the screen because your field of vision is filled up more. Some people already have access to this type of 4K Ultra HD viewing experience through the utilization of computer monitors that are 4K.

When it comes to watching all of your favorite movies and television series the next best thing is going to be the Ultra HD television. The clarity, detail, and crispness of whatever you are watching is going to be better than ever, barring the fact you have purchased 4K content or have located streaming of the content on sites such as Amazon or Netflix. Currently, there is not a tremendous amount of this 4K content available to consumers. However, the industry is making a movement to producing new movies and shows in the 4K format as well as remastering older films and shows to give them new life. Considering how the world of 4K is going to impact smartphones, cameras, PC games, and computer monitors it may be wise to start considering the
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lumia 435 - Windows with a squat budget

Since the invention of technology updates are what have remained. The production of the finest software with a minimal budget is now the aim of the technical world. Microsoft has always been on the top of most techie companies. It always had the aim of building an empire so big that the history as well as the future will praise. This long journey of the company has indeed resulted in fruitful outcomes. With the advent of Android, the market of technology really got a boost. But this boost also acted as a hard blow to the Microsoft builders. And since that day they decided to re program the already existing powerful operating system along with some extra best features. Microsoft built the lumia windows phone. These series of lumia created quite havoc publicly.

With the launch of 4 inch Microsoft Lumia 435 this company again has proved its worth. This is the recent handset which is commenced at a price around Rs 5000-5500.

Lumia 435 by Microsoft has the same unique aim that all phones of the Lumia series happen to have. It is a long rectangular phone along with slightly rounded corners to provide a nice touch. The back cover of the phone can be changed and it can be styled with different colours every time to match your outfit. The available colours are mainly orange, black, white and green. The circular camera is embedded at the back side of the phone. The phone has a very effortless matte finish design which is very accurately crafted. The height of the phone is decided to be around 118.1mm along with a thickness of about 11m.

The display attribute of a phone is the most vital feature besides software terms. The display attracts viewers most. The interface of this phone has a resolution of WVGA (800X480) along with a 24 bit colour exhibit. The area covering the display is about 4 inches and it also has a 233pi pixel density. The screen that reflects the images has a multipoint touch sensor along with a double tap unlock screen facility. The LCD cover is very much easy to clean and also has a RGB stripe.

The display quality of this phone has the skill to bring all the images and videos alive and full of colours. It also has a brightness control function along with voice commands, vibrating alarms and a touch keypad.

As it is a phone programmed by the Microsoft then the operating system has got to be windows. But this phone has been embedded with the latest windows 8.1 version. As a low budget phone this phone faces a problem with the memory space and only provides a mere 8GB internal mass which is nothing in comparison with other competitors. But it also has the provision for an extendable memory up to 128GB. The extendable memory should be in the form of a micro SD card. This device has the latest cloud technology with a storage capacity of around 30GB. The battery that has been designed specifically for this phone has a satisfactory standby time of about 20 days. The battery also provides Wi-Fi surfing of about 9 hours and talk time capacity of around 19 hours for 2G and 11 hours for 3G.

Keeping the low budget in mind, this phone has a high percentage of quality features. This is the reason why this phone is the most reasonable Smartphone right now in the market.

This lumia phone is inbuilt with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 which is a power booster with all required abilities. The RAM capacity of this phone is about 1 GB which provides smooth functioning of all the apps that are already embedded or the ones which can be downloaded from the store. The software components of this phone are pretty up to the date and it provides complete user satisfaction. With a 1200 MHz clock rate the software of this device is powerful enough to carry out all the tasks that high budget mobiles perform. This performance is totally upgraded and synchronised by the prevailing operating system that is designed by the genius minds of the company. The processor also has a dual core facility which boosts the software functions even more.


The connecting features of the phone plays an equal part in its success. This device has 3.5mm audio A.V connectors along with micro USB system and charging connectors. The sim card of this phone is made for Micro Sims just like the other lumia series phones. The previous hoax of no Bluetooth facility is puffed away with this product because it has a 4.0 Bluetooth embedded for easy transfer of files, images, videos, songs etc. It also has WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi resources along with a hotspot. The cellular connectivity feature of this phone is also updated and modified which enables long distance frequency callings without any distortion.

Other Features
Apart from all these amazing core and hardware properties this phone built to amaze its users with the help of many other inbuilt applications and resources. The phone consists of a rationalized GPS and Navigation system which can prove useful to many users who are highly dependent on maps for their travel purpose. It has a free map application that provides voice guided walking directions. The free drive app does the same when you are travelling by a car. Due to the budget issue the camera feature of this phone is not so updated. It has a main camera of about 2.0MP and the selfie front camera has a mega pixel of 0.3. This does not hamper the photographs that are clicked by this device. This device is also meant for video calling purposes and video recording and the quality of the images or the videos is satisfactory enough.

Features like conference calling, speaker phone, speed dialling, vibration alert system, customizable home screen and a genuine phone security method are also present in this phone.
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