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Xiaomi mi4 vs mi3 Phone - Feature Specification Comparison

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It hasn’t been long since Xiaomi entered the Indian market and launched the Mi3. They have been selling it through the online retailer and it selling like crazies. The number of people registering for each sale is almost five times the number of devices going on sale. Every time the device gets sold out even before you can press the buy button and they have already sold a good number of devices. Xiaomi is the largest manufacture in China already beating Samsung and Apple. This manufacturer recently came up with another impressive device in the Chinese market which will soon enter the Indian market as well. This new device is the Xiaomi Mi4. We took a closer look at both the Mi 4 and Mi 3 to contrast the new against the old and figure out how much of an edge the Mi 4 has got over the Mi 3.


The design of Mi3 is quite impressive and has been appreciated by many. There is a reason they call Xiaomi the Apple of China. The device has been designed very well and you will notice that they have paid close attention to detail. It looks simple and is quite slim at 8.1 mm. it feels solidly built but is a bit slippery. The Mi 4 takes the game a couple of steps further. It gives an illusion of iPhone 5 due to the sides. They have worked really hard on metal parts and kept it from being wide despite being a 5 inch device. It is offered with multiple back panels for the user to choose from. The choices include bamboo, wood, leather and cloth among others. It also gets Nano coating on the sides so that it doesn’t attract fingerprints and liquids. While the Mi 3 is good, the Mi 4 has an edge here with the highly finished metal frame and not-so-wide design.


Both the devices come with a similar display. The displays measure 5 inches and have got a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This gives a pixel density of 441 ppi which is very impressive. You get very crisp images and even the smallest of texts is readable. Watching videos and browsing internet is a breeze. The displays come with gorilla glass 3 protection to keep from scratches. Both the device displays have got IPS panels so viewing angles and colour replication is pretty good. Sunlight readability is decent as well. Here both the displays are good and evenly matched.


This is where you will notice the differences. The Mi 3 has got an impressive hardware which is offered at an excellent price point. It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with a 2.3 GHz quad core processor. It comes with Adreno 330 GPU which is a decent performer. It has got 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. There is a 64 GB version as well but it isn’t offered in the Indian market. You get all the popular connectivity options except for the support for 4G networks. You get 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and micro USB 2.0. It also comes with support for USB on the go to connect external flash storage. It comes with a 13 megapixel primary camera and a 2 megapixel secondary camera. Both the cameras are pretty good and the primary camera can shoot full HD videos at 30 fps. It is powered by a 3050 mAh battery.

The Xiaomi Mi4 has got slight edge over the Mi3 in terms of hardware. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and runs a quad core processor clocked up to 2.5 GHz. It has also got Adreno 330 GPU but running at slightly higher clock speed. It has got 3 GB of RAM against the 2 GB on Mi 3. It is also available with 16 and 64 GB storage options. Both the devices lack a micro SD card slot. It offers all the connectivity options that Mi 3 offers and also supports 4G networks. It also comes with a feature that isn’t present on the Mi 3. That is an IR blaster to control various devices. Is comes with an impressive 13 megapixel camera. The camera can shoot videos in 2160p at 30 fps. The camera on these devices come with built in QR code scanner so you won’t have to look for third party apps for that. It comes with a very impressive front camera which has a resolution of 8 megapixels. This would really appeal to selfie lovers. It is powered by a slightly bigger battery of 3080 mAh.


Both the devices run a custom version of android operating system. While other Chinese manufacturers have given us weird and hard to get around interface, the people at Xiaomi have created a really nice operating system. The MIUI comes with lot of customisation options for the interface. We don’t really like skinned android interface but this one is a very well executed job. The Mi 3 came with android 4.3 but was later updated to KitKat. The Mi 4 comes with KitKat out of the box.


The devices are both really very impressive. Judging by the popularity the Mi 3 has gained so quickly, we assume the manufacturer won’t have much trouble selling the Mi 4 in good numbers as well. There is no clear word on the pricing of the Mi 4 in India yet but we assume it would be around 17-18K. This would make it another excellent value for money device like the Mi 3. It is expected to enter our market somewhere near the end of this year. Xiaomi is also launching various accessories in Indian market. They already sell many of them in various markets and we will see them soon with attractive price tags. It was reported that they are first coming up with an external battery pack of around 10,000 mAh for INR 999 making it a very attractive deal. They are also coming up with a fitness band at an ultra-low price of 19 USD.

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Top Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Device

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Most people in our world today perform several tasks that require some sort of data. A data storage is often needed for technical purposes so that it can be accessed anywhere at anytime. How big should the data storage be? Well the data storage that is needed should be quite large especially when it comes to the use of cloud technology. The majority of the cloud applications that are available nowadays have an ample amount of storage space for the purpose of storing your important files and information. All of these files are stored over the internet with the cloud technology. 

Cloud drive connections using Android
Android apps are what you can use to connect to your drive from your mobile device. No matter where you are at on the go you should be able to easily access your files. Of course you must first make sure that you have an internet connection so that you an access that information because it cannot be accessed offline. There are many servers to choose from within the cloud domain, but you should go about choosing a service provider that best suits you.
Below is a list of some of the Cloud storage apps that you can use for your Android device:

Google Drive
Google Drive is known to be one of the best and most popular choices out of all of the other applications because it has a versatile integration with various other Google apps. The files that are stored within this app can be sent to others with the use of this app. The documents that are sent over and viewed can also easily be edited through the Google Docs service. When the files are shared multiple people are able to work on and edit the documents all at the same time. The storage capacity that is offered by Google Docs is 5 GB. If you choose too, you can easily have this expanded to 15 GB. 

Dropbox is an older Cloud storage application for Android and other mobile devices. With this app you are provided with about 2 GB of space. Many people take advantage of this feature when it comes to taking photos because a backup of each photo is taken in case there is an outage. Your data is saved and it can be retrieved. This app also makes it quite easy to share photos with the contacts that you have saved. 

SkyDrive is an application that was basically made for Microsoft. It’s quite easy to become attached to this application because of the design which enables it to be rich in various features. Moreover the app that you can download for your Android device works just as well as the app that is downloaded for your desktop. Some of the things that you can do with this app include:
·        Manage photos
·        Manage documents
·        Manage videos
The storage space that this app provides is 7 GB. Files and documents are easy to download onto your device with this app.

All of your data can be placed within this app when you are away from the office or your home. You are offered free backup with this Cloud app and it is easy to sync and share various files and folders.

You view and share your files from anywhere around the world with Box. This app offers you about 5 GB of free space for your files. 

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Best Ideas to Get Effective Results from VPN for Internet Security

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Internet security has become a threat to all the users these days. We never know from which direction a virus or hacker will enter into our system and destroy everything, the files, the data, the software and we are left with nothing. This sounds really nice when we start considering that VPN for internet security will make our lives easier. The VPN system is a distinctive system which ensures the protection of our computer.
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Computer server protection with VPN for internet security
It is absolutely true that all of us need complete internet security. We never want to see our files losing or getting damaged. With a VPN for internet security we can be ensured that the protection of our computers is cent percent. The computer servers, which especially need kinds of securities, should be protected and kept safe with VPN networks. The more critical or expanded the server is the higher are the chances to get effected by theft or virus attacks.

How VPN security works
It is interesting to know that VPN security system works with sort of protection and auto-scanning tools, accompanied with user-password. The purpose of such a user-password is to make sure that your files, data, folders and confidential information can not be revealed to a third party until accessed with the password. This we can say that, in other terms, the password acts like the key which locks all your information. Its protection should be done with the help of highly reliable and best performing VPN security system.

Online system security
A lot of users, in fact I must say all of us are internet users these days. None of us can live without surfing the internet or without using social media websites. The role of Facebook, twitter, Google, linked-in and other websites in changing our lives is a must. Not only the individuals but also businesses and multinational companies are bound to stay connected with the world of internet by one mean or the other. When you are going to remain online throughout the day, then definitely the chances to get threatened with theft and malware attacks increase. In such a situation we are to make sure that the servers we are receiving information from has been protected with value added VPN network.

Offline network security
If on one hand the network security is a matter of concern while you are online, then on the other hand it is equally important and significant even when you are working offline. For example if you have just downloaded an app, game or some software program from the internet and now have been disconnected. Then it is not that your chances are nil o getting attacked. Who knows that the software or app you have downloaded might accompany some malware or virus when you install it. So the best and most appropriate idea is to have your VPN security activated. This will be the full guarantee of your network and system protection no matter you are online or offline.

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Why You Need SEO Instead of PPC or Other Marketing

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World is now a global village. Being communicative and totally interactive is the demand of the day. This is why every sort of personal or communal communication is highly important in the current scenario.

The reduction of physical distances has connected the entire world and its businesses under the cloud of e-commerce. Every individual and every business needs to stay aware and highly alert about the ongoing happenings and essential requirements to attain remarkable positions and uplifted rankings in the huge and fast world of online business.
It has been surely observed that the more the businesses are active through online exposures and online mediums, the higher ratio of revenues and profits are obtained by them.
Among the race of businesses and in keen focus of competition among online markets, the businesses with perfect SEO implementations are sure enough to lead the rest. Gaining great preferences and user likings over the internet through SEO are sure means to enhance the efficacy and efficiency possessed by the websites belonging to various areas thus enhancing their worth and value by all means.
SEO is one of the most considerable options to provide the best and yet reliable SEO services to all sorts and categories of websites.

How does SEO help businesses?

  • Front page SEO is the tactic where a special consideration is placed upon the implementation and usage of effective titles, Meta tags and perfect headings.
    The perfect and high quality combination of these ingredients make up the formulation of a perfect main page of a website which is sure enough to grab the attention of every user putting a click upon it.
  • Back-end SEO is the phase where back-end linking is involved. By moving through the back-end links, various pages in a website are interconnected with each other which enhance the chances of user’s interests towards a website.
    Moreover with the back-end linking, the complete structure and interconnectivity of various features of a website is a sure means to enhance its value and preference among the users.
  • Blogs and articles are yet another service of SEO which requires immediate focus and a keen attention. The keywords with apt sense and perfect appropriateness need to be embedded within the websites to make it sure that when users type their desired key phrase, they are able to find it on the websites with effective SEO practices.
    Since the appropriate keywords and phrases are present within the websites, it is quite likely to attain high rankings on the search engines which might surely attract the attention and clicks of the users.
  • Commenting and postings through other social media websites and creation of various accounts through other portals with respect to a specific website are the perfect means to promote a specific website. This surely enhances the ratio of likeness and fascination possessed by a website.

Being attention grabbing and highly captivating, SEO makes it sure that every website possesses perfect practices and implementations of SEO thus appearing on the top of search engines and are sure enough to appeal and intrigue the users!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gmail introduces all new customizable tabs and organized view

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Gmail introduces all new inbox having a clean organized view and customizable tabs, Google developers frequently updates their every product by improving their quality and interface, this time gmail make their interface looking clean and organizable, nowadays the promotion mails and social network mail have been occupies the inbox and making ugly look,

These new feature has been automatically available when you login to gmail, Just use it by clicking Ok,got it button,Also you can switch to old inbox UI anytime by changing settings,

Organize the mails,

You can simply drag and drop the mails to desired tabs, if you got the promotional mail, affiliated mails from your friends or by spam, just drag and drop it to Promotion tabs, Gmail automatically understands and keep them and maintains for further mails, Also same for social networks notifications, feeds, etc.

Customize the tabs

You can create, edit ,hide the tabs in new interface, Gmail automatically labeled three common tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions. you can also add new tabs according to thier usage like updates, subscription, company mails, personal mails , etc. the starred mails have been shown under the Primary tab,

for more help, You can visit Google support page Inbox tabs and category labels

Problem persists comment below,

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How to add Google translator plugin for websites and blogger

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Hello bloggers and webmaster, I think you all have a visitors from various locations, most probably all websites are available in English languages for global understanding,eventhough some country people not move from there native language, for those people we have to make our blog or website to be flexible to translate,
Google Translate website tool is been available for free and it can be easy to instal, it can easily customizable, traceable (using Google analytics) and efficient,
google translate for websites

Google translate plugin automatically examines the site language and visitors languages and make suggestion for translation, it is more flexible comparing to other translation plugin like Microsoft translation,

Steps to setup Google translate

  • Point to Google translation tools,
  • In first step, You need to enter your website info like website URL and website language,
  • In second step, You need to choose the available languages for translation, Display layout and some automated customizable settings for translation.
  • Finally hit Get code,
  • Now you can get two different codes from website tools, First code have been placed in between </head> tag,
  • Remaining code has need to placed where you need to display the plugin part, may be in header part or side widget area,

Steps to setup in Blogger

  • Login to your blogger account,
  • Point to layout section,
  • In sidebar widget section, hit Add widget, and select Translate

    blogger translate gadget
  • Customize the gagget and hit save,
i hope this may helpful to customize your site, if you had any trouble while adding this tool, comment below

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Check your site from various location by ping tool

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I think your website is working fine for you, But how about others ? Is your site working for all ? Anyhow, you also see a information that your site is also viewed from various location by using Google analytics or any other stat tool, But how check that your site is working from various location,

Here there is a way to check your site by pinging, You can check your site from various location by ping tool that avail free from internet,this ping tool that check across 60 various places from this world , Here it also makes and acknowledgment to you,

By using this tool, You can see visible report for your website, For checking about this tool, you need to use this website,

This site helps you to check your website from 60 places, Where it also generate the speed rate, response time, Ping-back time, IP addresses, If your site is not accessible from those places means, it generate a packet loss rate with alert, Since your site is available from various places means, it shows the message okay, If you hosted your site in well known famous hosting company means, it surely available on all location, most probably it makes a connection test as pass, Some times you site can have a very bad result, Most of the place has not access your site's, Because most of the hosting providers blocks most places for spamming and attacks, since our site can losses some traffic,

What ever it is, Checkout your site with this pinging tool, and know the result, for worst resulted people, i suggest to use Coludflare , this cloud flare makes your site has been avail from most place, and also makes a lightning fast to your site,But be careful while using cloudeflare, it may lead to your adsence rejection. Anyways i suggest you to use a good hosting provider like Hostgator or GoDaddy,

i hope this ping tool is helpful to you,

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