Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why You Need SEO Instead of PPC or Other Marketing

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World is now a global village. Being communicative and totally interactive is the demand of the day. This is why every sort of personal or communal communication is highly important in the current scenario.

The reduction of physical distances has connected the entire world and its businesses under the cloud of e-commerce. Every individual and every business needs to stay aware and highly alert about the ongoing happenings and essential requirements to attain remarkable positions and uplifted rankings in the huge and fast world of online business.
It has been surely observed that the more the businesses are active through online exposures and online mediums, the higher ratio of revenues and profits are obtained by them.
Among the race of businesses and in keen focus of competition among online markets, the businesses with perfect SEO implementations are sure enough to lead the rest. Gaining great preferences and user likings over the internet through SEO are sure means to enhance the efficacy and efficiency possessed by the websites belonging to various areas thus enhancing their worth and value by all means.
SEO is one of the most considerable options to provide the best and yet reliable SEO services to all sorts and categories of websites.

How does SEO help businesses?

  • Front page SEO is the tactic where a special consideration is placed upon the implementation and usage of effective titles, Meta tags and perfect headings.
    The perfect and high quality combination of these ingredients make up the formulation of a perfect main page of a website which is sure enough to grab the attention of every user putting a click upon it.
  • Back-end SEO is the phase where back-end linking is involved. By moving through the back-end links, various pages in a website are interconnected with each other which enhance the chances of user’s interests towards a website.
    Moreover with the back-end linking, the complete structure and interconnectivity of various features of a website is a sure means to enhance its value and preference among the users.
  • Blogs and articles are yet another service of SEO which requires immediate focus and a keen attention. The keywords with apt sense and perfect appropriateness need to be embedded within the websites to make it sure that when users type their desired key phrase, they are able to find it on the websites with effective SEO practices.
    Since the appropriate keywords and phrases are present within the websites, it is quite likely to attain high rankings on the search engines which might surely attract the attention and clicks of the users.
  • Commenting and postings through other social media websites and creation of various accounts through other portals with respect to a specific website are the perfect means to promote a specific website. This surely enhances the ratio of likeness and fascination possessed by a website.

Being attention grabbing and highly captivating, SEO makes it sure that every website possesses perfect practices and implementations of SEO thus appearing on the top of search engines and are sure enough to appeal and intrigue the users!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gmail introduces all new customizable tabs and organized view

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Gmail introduces all new inbox having a clean organized view and customizable tabs, Google developers frequently updates their every product by improving their quality and interface, this time gmail make their interface looking clean and organizable, nowadays the promotion mails and social network mail have been occupies the inbox and making ugly look,

These new feature has been automatically available when you login to gmail, Just use it by clicking Ok,got it button,Also you can switch to old inbox UI anytime by changing settings,

Organize the mails,

You can simply drag and drop the mails to desired tabs, if you got the promotional mail, affiliated mails from your friends or by spam, just drag and drop it to Promotion tabs, Gmail automatically understands and keep them and maintains for further mails, Also same for social networks notifications, feeds, etc.

Customize the tabs

You can create, edit ,hide the tabs in new interface, Gmail automatically labeled three common tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions. you can also add new tabs according to thier usage like updates, subscription, company mails, personal mails , etc. the starred mails have been shown under the Primary tab,

for more help, You can visit Google support page Inbox tabs and category labels

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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to add Google translator plugin for websites and blogger

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Hello bloggers and webmaster, I think you all have a visitors from various locations, most probably all websites are available in English languages for global understanding,eventhough some country people not move from there native language, for those people we have to make our blog or website to be flexible to translate,
Google Translate website tool is been available for free and it can be easy to instal, it can easily customizable, traceable (using Google analytics) and efficient,
google translate for websites

Google translate plugin automatically examines the site language and visitors languages and make suggestion for translation, it is more flexible comparing to other translation plugin like Microsoft translation,

Steps to setup Google translate

  • Point to Google translation tools,
  • In first step, You need to enter your website info like website URL and website language,
  • In second step, You need to choose the available languages for translation, Display layout and some automated customizable settings for translation.
  • Finally hit Get code,
  • Now you can get two different codes from website tools, First code have been placed in between </head> tag,
  • Remaining code has need to placed where you need to display the plugin part, may be in header part or side widget area,

Steps to setup in Blogger

  • Login to your blogger account,
  • Point to layout section,
  • In sidebar widget section, hit Add widget, and select Translate

    blogger translate gadget
  • Customize the gagget and hit save,
i hope this may helpful to customize your site, if you had any trouble while adding this tool, comment below

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Check your site from various location by ping tool

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I think your website is working fine for you, But how about others ? Is your site working for all ? Anyhow, you also see a information that your site is also viewed from various location by using Google analytics or any other stat tool, But how check that your site is working from various location,

Here there is a way to check your site by pinging, You can check your site from various location by ping tool that avail free from internet,this ping tool that check across 60 various places from this world , Here it also makes and acknowledgment to you,

By using this tool, You can see visible report for your website, For checking about this tool, you need to use this website,

This site helps you to check your website from 60 places, Where it also generate the speed rate, response time, Ping-back time, IP addresses, If your site is not accessible from those places means, it generate a packet loss rate with alert, Since your site is available from various places means, it shows the message okay, If you hosted your site in well known famous hosting company means, it surely available on all location, most probably it makes a connection test as pass, Some times you site can have a very bad result, Most of the place has not access your site's, Because most of the hosting providers blocks most places for spamming and attacks, since our site can losses some traffic,

What ever it is, Checkout your site with this pinging tool, and know the result, for worst resulted people, i suggest to use Coludflare , this cloud flare makes your site has been avail from most place, and also makes a lightning fast to your site,But be careful while using cloudeflare, it may lead to your adsence rejection. Anyways i suggest you to use a good hosting provider like Hostgator or GoDaddy,

i hope this ping tool is helpful to you,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Remove Windows 8 Pro build 9200 Watermark on Windows 8 Desktop

Hello Windows 8 Users, You are here means, You have an watermark on your right corner of windows 8 desktop, So let we see How to remove Windows 8 pro build 9200 watermark on windows 8 desktop .
Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 pro with Media center Operating system allows us to activate its product by 30 days, Until this days there is an information like watermark that displays on our desktop, After Activation it automatically went of, Even you still feel this as irritating, There is a wonderful way to remove this notification

Now we see two ways to fix this issue,
Method 1 : Manual method to fix
Windows 8 pro build no watermark using registry
  • Open Registry with Administrator Privilege ( Use run command and type regedit ).
  • Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\Activation
  • Change the key: "NotificationDisabled" from 0 (default) to 1.
  • Hit exit and Restart your system, If you feel this takes more time means, just jump to Method 2 ( below )
Method 2 : Fix using a Watermark removal tool
  • Download My WCP Watermark Editor 1.0.1
  • Open the My_WCP_Watermark_Editor.exe
watermark remover tool for windows 8
  • Just check the tick in Remove all watermarks.
  • Finally hit Apply new settings, that's all, Now you can proceed by restarting your windows,
  • Now you can see the clear desktop without a watermark,
Windows 8 pro build no watermark

To Download My WCP Watermark Editor,

Still having problem, Feel free and comment below ;)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Forum solution for Buddypress [bbpress alternative]

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Have you troubled with bbpress forum? Actually WordPress is an wonderful platform for blogging, since their another product Buddypress also rocking with it,But going for bbpress, it really make users very irritate, But in Buddypress, they making way to handle groups along forum in simple way, but the forum is sounds very bad for users,Best Forum solution for Buddypress

Let we see the best alternative for bbpress in Buddypress, Actually in case with forum alone, No one can move for bbpress i think, because lot of forum package is available for free and it making cool works for visitors and webmasters, But after getting a Buddypress, we automatically slipped with bbpress, First time i got his same problem, i strucked a lot, and my visitors got very bad impression with forum, So how can i give a new forum them, If i Instal a new forum in my site means, they have to register once again for forum posts, So i searched for forum plugin in WordPress, Many plugin has been available in WordPress directory, But i got impressed with Mingle forum,

Yes, Mingle forum is a best forum plugin for WordPress , ( also works with Buddypress ). So we take a look How to instal and use Mingle forum in Buddypress,
Steps to Instal Mingle Forum in WordPress :

  • Login with your website using WordPress Platform,

  • Select Plugins -> Add new, Type and search Mingle Forum.

  • After the search result, Hit Install Now,

  • After Installation, click Activate,

  • Now you have a separate menu called Mingle Forum,

  • Configure your Mingle Forum options, Set a Skin, create your Categories and Forums,

Mingle Forum Have lot of features :

  • NEW! Create a corresponding Forum post when you create a WordPress post

  • NEW! User Signatures (instead of Bio)

  • Image Uploads on posts

  • SEO Friendly URLs

  • Forum sitemap (../wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum/sitemap.php)

  • Adsense areas

  • Media embedding into forum posts (like Youtube, Flickr, Photobucket…)

  • WordPress 3.0 ready!

  • Categories with sub-forums

  • User Groups

  • User Levels (EX: Newbie, Beginner, Pro…)

  • Private Messages – Forum integrates seamlessly with my Cartpauj PM Plugin (Requires Cartpauj PM vs. 1.0.09 or greater)

  • Moderators

  • Skins

  • Captcha

  • BB Code

  • Smilies

  • Custom Forum Search

  • Guest posts (See Mingle Forum Guest Info add-on by wpweaver)

  • Hot/Very Hot topics

  • Sticky (Pinned) Topics

  • Move, Edit, Remove and Close topics

  • Forum RSS Feeds

  • Email notifications on replies to topics

  • Recent posts widget (or PHP shortcode for your theme)

  • Integrates nicely with most themes (It’s tough to make it work for all themes so some skin modifications may be required for your site)

  • Allow/Dis-allow other users to view your profile from the Forum

  • Supports different languages

  • Integrates with the Mingle Plugin (by Blair Williams) NOTE: The “Mingle” plugin is NOT required for forum to work

  • Avatars

  • Profile’s (Works with/without Pretty Profile URLs enabled in Mingle settings)

  • Activity in the forum shows up as activity in mingle (Helps increase discussion in both your forums and your SN)

  • Deleted forum topics will also delete the corresponding Mingle board post

Referred from Mingle Forum
Installation tutorial :

Mingle Forum Options Tutorial:

Finally Create a Pages in WordPress and paste the code

Save the page and Publish, Now you get a wonderful forum on your site, Also it supports Adsense ads, Sitemap generation, and etc..

I think finally you fixed and changed your forum i think...

Note :- Please De-Activate the bbpress forum after mingle forum installation,

Problem persists comment below ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

719 Indian Websites Hacked by KILLERMIND-Pakistan Hackers

Pakistan Hackers team - KillerMind Hacked 719 Indian websites, Actually these have been a revenge for against Indians hackers who hacked the famous Pakistan music website , Since they showed their oppose against Indian hackers by hacking 719 websites, 
These 719 website are belongs to Indian websites, these all website has been rooted and linked all website in pastebin, Also this information has been confirmed by Pakistan hackers on twitter too,
Mostly Haxor uses this kinda images in hacked website,

The hacked website list which is mentioned by those hackers:

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