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Top Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Device

Most people in our world today perform several tasks that
require some sort of data. A data storage is often needed for technical
purposes so that it can be accessed anywhere at anytime. How big should the
data storage be? Well the data storage that is needed should be quite large
especially when it comes to the use of cloud technology. The majority of the
cloud applications that are available nowadays have an ample amount of storage
space for the purpose of storing your important files and information. All of
these files are stored over the internet with the cloud technology. 
Cloud drive
connections using Android
Android apps are what you can use to connect to your drive
from your mobile device. No matter where you are at on the go you should be
able to easily access your files. Of course you must first make sure that you
have an internet connection so that you an access that information because it
cannot be accessed offline. There are many servers to choose from within the
cloud domain, but you should go about choosing a service provider that best
suits you.
Below is a list of some of the Cloud storage apps that you
can use for your Android device:
Google Drive is known to be one of the best and most popular
choices out of all of the other applications because it has a versatile
integration with various other Google apps. The files that are stored within
this app can be sent to others with the use of this app. The documents that are
sent over and viewed can also easily be edited through the Google Docs service.
When the files are shared multiple people are able to work on and edit the
documents all at the same time. The storage capacity that is offered by Google
Docs is 5 GB. If you choose too, you can easily have this expanded to 15 GB. 
Dropbox is an older Cloud storage application for Android and
other mobile devices. With this app you are provided with about 2 GB of space.
Many people take advantage of this feature when it comes to taking photos
because a backup of each photo is taken in case there is an outage. Your data
is saved and it can be retrieved. This app also makes it quite easy to share
photos with the contacts that you have saved. 
SkyDrive is an application that was basically made for
Microsoft. It’s quite easy to become attached to this application because of
the design which enables it to be rich in various features. Moreover the app
that you can download for your Android device works just as well as the app
that is downloaded for your desktop. Some of the things that you can do with
this app include:
Manage photos
Manage documents
Manage videos
The storage space that this app provides is 7 GB. Files and
documents are easy to download onto your device with this app.
All of your data can be placed within this app when you are
away from the office or your home. You are offered free backup with this Cloud
app and it is easy to sync and share various files and folders.
You view and share your files from anywhere around the world
with Box. This app offers you about 5 GB of free space for your files. 
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