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Lumia 435 – Windows with a squat budget

Since the invention of technology updates are what have remained. The production of the finest software with a minimal budget is now the aim of the technical world. Microsoft has always been on the top of most techie companies. It always had the aim of building an empire so big that the history as well as the future will praise. This long journey of the company has indeed resulted in fruitful outcomes. With the advent of Android, the market of technology really got a boost. But this boost also acted as a hard blow to the Microsoft builders. And since that day they decided to re program the already existing powerful operating system along with some extra best features. Microsoft built the lumia windows phone. These series of lumia created quite havoc publicly.

With the launch of 4 inch Microsoft Lumia 435 this company again has proved its worth. This is the recent handset which is commenced at a price around Rs 5000-5500.

Lumia 435 by Microsoft has the same unique aim that all phones of the Lumia series happen to have. It is a long rectangular phone along with slightly rounded corners to provide a nice touch. The back cover of the phone can be changed and it can be styled with different colours every time to match your outfit. The available colours are mainly orange, black, white and green. The circular camera is embedded at the back side of the phone. The phone has a very effortless matte finish design which is very accurately crafted. The height of the phone is decided to be around 118.1mm along with a thickness of about 11m.

The display attribute of a phone is the most vital feature besides software terms. The display attracts viewers most. The interface of this phone has a resolution of WVGA (800X480) along with a 24 bit colour exhibit. The area covering the display is about 4 inches and it also has a 233pi pixel density. The screen that reflects the images has a multipoint touch sensor along with a double tap unlock screen facility. The LCD cover is very much easy to clean and also has a RGB stripe.

The display quality of this phone has the skill to bring all the images and videos alive and full of colours. It also has a brightness control function along with voice commands, vibrating alarms and a touch keypad.

As it is a phone programmed by the Microsoft then the operating system has got to be windows. But this phone has been embedded with the latest windows 8.1 version. As a low budget phone this phone faces a problem with the memory space and only provides a mere 8GB internal mass which is nothing in comparison with other competitors. But it also has the provision for an extendable memory up to 128GB. The extendable memory should be in the form of a micro SD card. This device has the latest cloud technology with a storage capacity of around 30GB. The battery that has been designed specifically for this phone has a satisfactory standby time of about 20 days. The battery also provides Wi-Fi surfing of about 9 hours and talk time capacity of around 19 hours for 2G and 11 hours for 3G.

Keeping the low budget in mind, this phone has a high percentage of quality features. This is the reason why this phone is the most reasonable Smartphone right now in the market.

This lumia phone is inbuilt with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 which is a power booster with all required abilities. The RAM capacity of this phone is about 1 GB which provides smooth functioning of all the apps that are already embedded or the ones which can be downloaded from the store. The software components of this phone are pretty up to the date and it provides complete user satisfaction. With a 1200 MHz clock rate the software of this device is powerful enough to carry out all the tasks that high budget mobiles perform. This performance is totally upgraded and synchronised by the prevailing operating system that is designed by the genius minds of the company. The processor also has a dual core facility which boosts the software functions even more.


The connecting features of the phone plays an equal part in its success. This device has 3.5mm audio A.V connectors along with micro USB system and charging connectors. The sim card of this phone is made for Micro Sims just like the other lumia series phones. The previous hoax of no Bluetooth facility is puffed away with this product because it has a 4.0 Bluetooth embedded for easy transfer of files, images, videos, songs etc. It also has WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi resources along with a hotspot. The cellular connectivity feature of this phone is also updated and modified which enables long distance frequency callings without any distortion.

Other Features
Apart from all these amazing core and hardware properties this phone built to amaze its users with the help of many other inbuilt applications and resources. The phone consists of a rationalized GPS and Navigation system which can prove useful to many users who are highly dependent on maps for their travel purpose. It has a free map application that provides voice guided walking directions. The free drive app does the same when you are travelling by a car. Due to the budget issue the camera feature of this phone is not so updated. It has a main camera of about 2.0MP and the selfie front camera has a mega pixel of 0.3. This does not hamper the photographs that are clicked by this device. This device is also meant for video calling purposes and video recording and the quality of the images or the videos is satisfactory enough.

Features like conference calling, speaker phone, speed dialling, vibration alert system, customizable home screen and a genuine phone security method are also present in this phone.