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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: New Approach of Apple

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finally has launched its first phablet so called iPhone 6 Plus. And this new device
is not only similar to the iPhone 6 but also carries few design tips that are
similar to the iPhone 5C for example the arrangement of elements at the bottom
of the iPhone 6 Plus, with one speaker, which at this point seems quite
disappointing. While it is true that-much-improved power that can reach, the
sound is still cute and pretty poor quality for a terminal of this size and
this price range.
this design a fairly common problem perpetuated in many smartphones: to grab
the terminal horizontally, for example, watching a YouTube video, is quite
likely to cover inadvertently speaker and we force ourselves to take the Mobile
in an unnatural way.
for dimensions, the iPhone 6 Plus is only 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6,
7.1mm vs. 6.9mm. Yes it is obviously longer, wider and heavier. Apple iPhone 6
Plus gives finally jumps to Full HD display. With a screen of 5.5 inches you
cannot keep a lower resolution without getting back in front of your
competitors. The 6 Plus get so 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a density of
401ppp, far from the QHD screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for example, but in a
more than acceptable range.
the resolution, what is striking is the brightness of the screen, much higher
than in previous models. Here the difference is noticeable, especially outdoors
where we can now clearly see the screen, even with the sun affecting facing it
we will be able to use the smartphone and read it without any problems.
for brightness, iPhone 6 Plus reached 507 cd / m2, far above all rivals. In
context, the Samsung Galaxy S5 achieved in the same tests 1794: 1 contrast -for
the SuperAMOLED screen but only have brightness of 379 cd / m2 brightness. As
for the colors, Apple says that it covers the entire spectrum sRGB, but in tests
the actual value is 98.3%, which is fine. Continuing the comparison, the Galaxy
S5 reached at the time 95% fidelity.
viewing angle is also excellent, thanks to what Apple calls “Dual Domain
Pixels”, which is to organize the pixels in the form of V-something Apple
did not invent the other part-, in addition to a new polarizer and besides
favoring closer to the top glass screen. The general feeling is that we have a
big screen with excellent brightness, has finally succeeded in solving the
problem of viewing outdoors.

the core level of the iPhone 6 Plus are the new generation of processors Apple
A8 dual-core Apple Cyclone, improved to 1.4 GHz with architecture ARMv8-A
64-bit, GPU PowerVR GX6450 four cores and 1GB of RAM memory LPDDR3. And this
configuration set to the record-breaking performance and now Apple would be
expanding this chip to the next level use in the Apple iPad Air 3. Moreover with
the launch of new iPad will come the new operating system update the iOS 9 update.