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Apple iPad Air 2: Most Advanced tablet

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In the autumn of the 2013t, Apple announced two new tablets – “full-sized” 9.7-inch iPad Air and compact 7.9-inch iPad mini 2 – it was the time to talk about a small revolution. The first device radical “grown thin” (as in thickness and in weight) compared with the precursors, and becoming smaller in width. The second received for this revolutionary form factor Retina-display with the same image clarity as to the iPhone 5s.

Yes, Apple surprising everyone with new tablets in 2013 but in 2014 decided to do without revolutions. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, of course, are the most advanced tablet that has ever produced by Apple. Perhaps, from a technological point of view, they have at the moment and do not have competitors (if it is not to pay attention to the price, of course).

Two years ago, in a video shown during the presentation of the new iPad, iPad Air hiding behind a pencil, but this year the same video could not do without the use of high production technologies. And yes the new tablet has become thinner by 18%, from 7.5 mm to 6.1 mm in losing weight. Earlier this thickness was able to achieved by only one iOS-device – iPod touch fifth generation.

Weight of 3G-model iPad Air 2 is now 444 grams, 34 grams less at last year’s equivalent. For comparison, the most advanced full-length tablet from Samsung, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, is in LTE-version 6.6 mm thickness and weight of 467 grams and that a plastic casing, while iPad is metal. The full-size tablet of Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE, has more than iPad Air 2, the thickness (6.4 mm), but in this case weighs a little (5 grams) less. So Apple, at the moment to get ahead in the eternal battle for the subtlety of gadgets on the ease of their leader has not yet become.

How it is perceived in practice, there is a difference with the iPad Air? If you take it in a standard format for the device that way – with both hands, then there is no noticeable difference, especially if the device is equipped with a Smart Cover cover or, especially, is hidden in the Smart Case. At the same time, when you take the “naked” iPad Air 2 with one hand, smaller by several tens of grams of weight is noticeable. First, in general it seems that hold in your hands is only one piece of tablet – display, and adds thickness of the battery is somewhere lost.

Reducing the thickness of the tablet, Apple tries not to sacrifice its functionality – for example, the radical “slimming” iPad a year ago, has not led to a reduction in battery life, although the battery is reduced almost in half. In the iPad Air 2 battery again became smaller, but the novelty had to sacrifice and another quite popular and successfully complement to the user experience element – a mechanical switch on the edge of the device. And still iPar Air 2 is one of the most interesting tablets of the market and let’s see what interesting features Apple is going to embed in the upcoming iPad Air third generation but there is no specific information for the iPad Air 3 release date.