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A Vinyl Wrap As Uncomplicated As Your Pebble

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These days, nearly every major hardware company is producing a smartwatch of their own. From the Apple Watch to Samsung’s Gear S2, there’s no lack of choice and the competition only works in your favor. With so many choices, you can pick the smartwatch that calls to you. You’re looking for a smartwatch that’s high-performing, easy to use, and not something you’ll have to refinance your mortgage to afford, which is why, like all of the others who contributed to their Kickstarter, you’ve decided on Pebble.


Pebble was backed by millions of donors because of the no-nonsense quality that they deliver. Whether it’s the Watch, Time, or Steel, the first thing you’ll notice is its LCD e-paper display. You know that thing you do with your face whenever you’re trying to read your smartphone out in the sunlight? It seems like no amount of squinting and scrunching up your brows will reveal what that text said, as the glare is too much for the screen. The Pebble’s display, on the other hand, can accommodate the high-glare of even the brightest day. When you get a notification, you can easily read it without making any weird faces in public.

Functionality is the Pebble’s main concern, which is why it’s the only watch to offer up 7 days of battery life and a CPU that’s able to run all of your favorite apps. It might not have all of the bells and whistles of an Apple Watch, but you can depend upon it get the job done (even 30m underwater) without strange or user-unfriendly interfaces slowing you down.

One of the fastest ways to slow your smartwatch down is grime build-up on its buttons or unnecessary scratches on its face. While you can opt for expensive, ostentatious ways to protect your watch, why not take a few pointers from your Pebble. Sometimes less is actually more. That’s why Pebble Watch wraps made out 3M vinyl out-perform any other protective covering for smartwatches.  While there are those providers out there that claim to use the best quality materials, only dbrand uses genuine 3M vinyl in all of their designs. The Pebble watch wraps from dbrand are precision cut to fit the exact dimensions of the navigating buttons and inner and outer faces of the watch.  Offering superior coverage, their 3M vinyl will also protect your smartwatch from scratches, dings, and grime that seem to go hand in hand with daily smartwatch life.

Of course, having a wrap that can be easily changed also gives you the option of style. Vinyl wraps can be customized to fit any fashion statement you want to make. True textures like black, white, silver, and gold metallic will lend an air of sophistication to a smartwatch that looks a little geeky, while bright primary colors will embrace the Pebble’s geek chic style. The vinyl’s unique way of sticking to your watch (without leaving behind sticky residues) means you can interchange these looks whenever you feel like it without worrying about your Pebble.

Having the freedom to choose has always gone in your favor, so take the time to look through the amazing selection of Pebble watch wraps. No matter what the combination of colors and textures you end up with, you know you’ll have a durable layer protecting your valuable smartwatch from the dangers of real life