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5 Whatsapp Tricks That Will Surprise You

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Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that you can easily download on your smartphones and others as well. You will have to pay a small subscription fee to enjoy it for a year. In India Watsapp is still free,  and they are going to keep it free for some time and it is a good news for all the Indians.  This app is amazing and it is likely that the majority of the people are not aware its tips and tricks. There are so many and here are 5 of them explained
Blue Ticks Of Misery
You might be aware of the blue ticks and there are many privileges which these blue ticks take away. Recently the Whatsapp technicians have found the error and they are silently working over it. Users can access their privacy via settings and then they can disable the receipts. This feature is only available for the Android users.
See When Messages Are Seen
The blue ticks can be considered as the worst thing that is spoiling your relationships. After last seen this is another issue that couples are facing these days. But there is one other way by which you can totally irritate your mates. 
Go to any chat, tap, hold on any message that you have sent and then followed by the information options. This will show that your Watsapp messages are delivered and also read instantly.  It also works for group messages. 
Send Public Messages Secretly
If you have any generic announcement to make, then Watsapp is the right platform. If you really don’t want to make announcements, but still want to share then this feature is amazing for you. It is similar to the feature in Gmail (BCC). Tour recipients are going to get messages that you composed privately.  There is a search bar at the top left corner and here you will find broadcast list. From here you can send messages secretly.
Back Up Your Chat History
Whatsapp is aware that how much important your chat means to you and this is why they offer you with back up services. So if your yearly subscription is getting over use this trick. For iPhone users, there is a backing in history option and this can be done automatically by setting it to monthly, weekly schedules.  You can click on the chats you desire and create a backup.
For Android users, there is a Watsapp folder in your gallery where all your messages are backed up there.
Conversation Shortcuts
There might be certain people with whom you chat more often; it will be a good idea to create shortcuts on your home screen directly. Tap and hold to the chats and a tab will pop up choose add to shortcuts option and your shortcut will appear on the home screen. This feature is only for Android users. 
There are plenty of tricks and tips that will let you explore more about Watsapp. Leran them and surprise your friends  and stay at the top. you canlearn them easily from the internet.
Author Bio:- This article is written by Ashish Kamble who is owner of where you can find  funny videos for whatsapp