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Translate your website or blog using Microsoft translator

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Websites that are common to everyone,it haves own their visitors from various places driven by search engines, also we cant say “my content for similar language known people’s alone”, by allowing them to translate our blog content into their own language within single click is a nice way

From my knowledge, Google Translator did this job very well, and i personally recommend it too, if your want setup Google tranlator for your website or blog, Please refer

How to add Google translator plugin for websites and blogger 

microsoft translator for website

But if you want to choose different translator plugin, why not you choose Microsoft translate
microsoft translator for blog

Steps To Place The Translator widget on Blog

  • First open the following site
  • Then place your Site Link and also select your site language,
  • Select your widget color which matches to your site,Set Translations settings (MANUAL is recommended),
  • At last just click Generate Code. and Copy the code which is generated ,
  • Now open your Blogger page,
  • Now Go To Layout -> Add Gadget -> HTML/Java script Box,
  • Now paste the generated code and save it, Now place the where you desired sidebar,
  • Thats all… Now you have a simple and powerfull widget on your blog,

Enjoy :-D…. If Problem Persists … Comment Below….