719 Indian Websites Hacked by KILLERMIND-Pakistan Hackers

Pakistan Hackers team – KillerMind Hacked 719 Indian websites, Actually these have been a revenge for against Indians hackers who hacked the famous Pakistan music website songs.pk , Since they showed their oppose against Indian hackers by hacking 719 websites, 

These 719 website are belongs to Indian websites, these all website has been rooted and linked all website in pastebin, Also this information has been confirmed by Pakistan hackers on twitter too,

Mostly Haxor uses this kinda images in hacked website,

The hacked website list which is mentioned by those hackers:

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3 Responses

  1. Geekyard says:

    They hacked my Geekyard site also. Finally I fixed those things…. They hacked my site 2 times.

  2. Sathish Esk says:

    y they targeting Indian website

  3. Geekyard says:

    They think by doing so they are GREAT… But a real hacker(i.e A Professional Developer) won't involve in these cheap activities.

    These guys by knowing a simple trick will do these unwanted things. In my view they seem to be beginners using their knowledge in a wrong path.

    A real programmer will only concentrate on development side not in unnecessary breaching activities. 🙂